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CloudXcellence is created to do all the time consuming work; diving into the depths of Azure and analysing your clients cloud. This scan results in optimizations your cloud experts can execute right away!

As a service provider you want to deliver the best value to your clients but time of your experts is always limited. We get this and are here to help! 

Our CXchange partner program helps to solve this dilemma. We support the entire Azure optimisation journey of your clients 🏁 

Together, our Azure insights learn your clients:

Ways to save money or reduce spending

Ways to improve and enhance performances

Ways to measure cloudfootprint and reduce emissions

All the essential Azure tooling is supported, including Logic Apps, ADF, and VM's.

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Frequently Given Answers

What is CloudXcellence?

CloudXcellence is a cloud management platform that monitors your company's cloud usage and provides recommendations to optimize usage or alerts when something is wrong with business-critical data components like Azure Data factory pipelines or Logic apps. A next level dashboard is available for real-time validation of your most expensive resources but also all inactive resources.  With CloudXcellence you will have grip on //Cost //Access //Speed //Actual workload.

How does CloudXcellence work?

CloudXcellence is your next level Azure dashboard that provides grip on your cloud. CloudXcellence gathers and aggregates data into a shared data platform from several sources where it is used for analysis, predictions, visualization, and pro-active alerting. It offers a seamless experience on top of multi-source data, giving you in-depth views into all your tracked resources. Using CloudXcellence, users can manage and monitor multiple subscriptions across tenants in a single place and it offers many advantages over traditional cloud provider out of box solutions. Such as: //Simple and Easy to Use Dashboards for better analysis of the Azure resources & streamline data efficiency //Actionable insights to streamline costs and boost performance //Dynamic alerting & adjustments based on sliding windows //Low-cost monitoring alternative

What is the pricing model for CloudXcellence?

There is always a pricing model that will fit your usage and purpose: start with a free trail and experience the benefits of cloud management software. Then choose the //Basic //Pro //Enterprise pricing model to receive all benefits of next level Azure dashboarding & alerts.

Which permissions are needed for CloudXcellence?

Running the CloudXcellence cloud management platform on your environment requires an Azure Service principal with just Reader access to dynamically scan the resources across the various subscriptions.

Why should I invest in cloud management?

Investing in a cloud management software solution like CloudXcellence can help a business or organization in several ways. First, it will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization's use of cloud computing resources. This helps to reduce costs and improve the performance of the organization's applications and services. Second, it will provide greater visibility and control over the organization's cloud environment, which can help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and improve security. Finally, all the best practices will give your company a competitive edge in the market one way or another.